What is raw food?

Raw Food 

"Raw food is food that is not heated above 117 degrees Fahrenheit"

It's that simple.

​ Raw food is live food filled with incredible nutrients. Our motivation behind the raw food movement is our health. You see, when we cook food at certain high temperatures it breaks down the building blocks that allow are bodies to function and thrive.  Enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, protein, essential fats, and fibers are the building blocks that support the maintenance, repair, and growth of our bodies. 

​Want some more nerdy details? Here ya go:

What   we   lose   when   we   use   high    heat   on   foods

1. Enzymes

Food we eat is converted into chemical structures that can pass through our cells and into our blood stream. Enzymes drive our biochemical and metabolic processes by transforming and storing energy, making active hormones, dissolving fiber, and preventing clotting. Enzymes also help heal the immune system and repair our DNA. The enzymes that help us digest food are destroyed when we cook our food. 

2. Vitamins

​ Vitamins allow our cells (and thus our organs) to function properly.  They help form bone and tissue,  regulate our metabolism, and covert carbohydrates and fat into energy.  And when you cook foods a large percentage of the vitamins are destroyed.  It's estimated that nutrient destruction is as high as 80%. Want some specific examples? B vitamins decrease by 50% when exposed to high heat, and B12 loses 96% nutrient density. 97% of folic acid and 75% of vitamin C is also lost when cooked.

3.  Minerals

There are thirty elements known to be essential to life and seventeen of them are metals. Diseases in humans are caused by Mineral deficiencies. Vitamins also also supported by minerals and vice versa. When cooked, many minerals are destroyed, or altered to the point where they become unable to assist vitamins and therefore: useless. 

4. Phytonutrients

You know those beautiful colors in fruits and vegetables? Phytonutrients are responsible for that as well as protecting the body and fight disease. Phytos are at the cutting edge of new research as they have been shown to help your heart, fight cancer, and provide medicinal cell health. And guess what? Those beautiful phytonutrients in fresh plants? Yup--you got it---they're destroyed by cooking. 

So   Now   what?

At Ello Raw we want to stress the importance of eating more raw foods. The nutrient power of raw foods will increase your health and well-being. You'll experience more energy, mental clarity, and reduced physical ailments. 
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