Fault In Our Norm.

 My beautiful roommate from college posted this picture to my Facebook wall today. As I read it I was practically yelling in affirmation! Yes-Yes-Yes! This quote is #truth. And at that moment I realized I needed to start blogging for Ello Raw. So please start by reading this incredible quote by Mary Jane Butters. 
     One thing I learned from college (hopefully there is more that will be revealed over time) is that whoever has the money or power gets to determine 'truth' and 'normal'. This is a sad and unfortunate reality. Change begins by acknowledging these injustices whether they be in skin color, gender, or food!
      According to the USDA, which issues that famous USDA Organic sticker,  organic production disallows synthetic pesticides and antibiotics.  Here are some of the standards for Organic food.
Organic farms and processors:
  • Preserve natural resources and biodiversity
  • Support animal health and welfare
  • Provide access to the outdoors so that animals can exercise their natural behaviors
  • Only use approved materials (no synthetic additives)
  • Do not use genetically modified ingredients
  • Receive annual onsite inspections
  • Separate organic food from non-organic food
          Here's what doesn't make sense to me: Shouldn't all food be this way? Shouldn't all food not use synthetic pesticides and antibiotics? The fact that a farmer or a small food business owner must pay thousands to tell others that they are indeed providing real, unadulterated food is pathetic. We deserve better. Every fruit and vegetable that is put in our hands should be chemical free.  Somewhere along the way, big companies added pesticides, fillers and chemicals that would extend their shelf life and increase profits. Laws were made that allowed these companies to continue these acts and now if you want to provide good products and services you have to pay a premium and jump through hoops. Why? Because perhaps if more real, unadulterated food was available, people would begin to question why all food isn't that way. Maybe people would begin to question why we have to pay more for real food. Maybe people would find fault in the norm and challenge the big giants. 
          I've told many people this, but my vision for this country is that one day we will be able to walk into a grocery store, buy anything off the shelf and never have to sit and investigate for fillers and artificial ingredients. Real people deserve real food.  YOU deserve real food. 
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