Ello Raw Relaunches — with a Makeover


RALEIGH, NC — Featuring the same great taste and health benefits as before, Ello Raw superfood snack bites now have a whole new look. The raw and organic snacks (which boast flavors such as coconut cookie dough, cinnamon donut and pecan pie) have been completely revamped with a new logo, website and packaging.

This makeover has Becky Holmes, Ello Raw’s founder, brimming with excitement.

“I'm proud that this new packaging helps showcase what Ello Raw is all about: simple, healthy ingredients," Holmes said.

And although “simple and healthy” might as well be Holmes’ mantra now, that wasn’t always the case. When she was young, Holmes’ family suffered from chronic health issues that stemmed at least in part from a lack of healthy food options and nutritional education.

“What we ate was based on whatever was available to us or whatever was cheap. That usually meant packaged and processed.  ,” she said, “and I knew that if my family was going through it, lots of other Americans were as well. So I wanted to create a better alternative.”

Through tremendous dedication, Holmes earned herself a scholarship to Duke University, studied business, and — by making great sacrifices — founded her company.

“I had to live out of my car and crash with friends for a little while to get the company off the ground,” she said. “But it was worth it.”

Holmes wanted to create a healthy, organic, raw treat that was devoid of many common fillers, preservatives, and refined sweeteners. And, of course, it had to taste great.

In 2015, she started selling her first Ello Raw snacks at a farmers market. Her first bags  featured labels which she “designed” on Microsoft Word, printed and taped to the product bags. “But people liked them,” Holmes said.

Despite their humble appearance, the bites sold. Coffee shops, juice bars and Amazon customers across the country placed orders. So did a little Mom and Pop store called Whole Foods.

“The early response was fantastic,” Holmes said. “And it really encouraged me to take things to the next level.”

That meant rebranding.

“The health food industry is obviously competitive,” she said, “so we wanted to better highlight the unique attributes and brand values that set Ello Raw apart.”

Focused on the goal of accelerating growth online and in retail stores, Holmes worked with a design team to develop a professional look that was bold yet simple — capable of standing out from other snacks on the shelves, but not like a sore thumb.

Along with the logo and packaging came a new website offering improved customer service and a sleek, easy-to-navigate design which should result in higher conversion and sales rates.

This new look really embodies the vision I had for the company when we first started,” Holmes said. “I wanted to create a product that felt authentic, and real, to cut through all the noise of the food industry.”

Now that the rebrand is out of the way, Holmes believes Ello Raw is fully ready to transition from local startup to national retail mainstay.

“The product is great, and that’s the main thing,” she said. “The current flavors are based off America’s favorite treats; you get all the taste, and none of the guilt.”

The four original flavors (more will arrive soon) average just over 200 calories per bag and are 100 percent organic, raw and free of GMOs, gluten, dairy and refined sugars. All of the flavors are plant-based with three out of the four being Vegan and Paleo.

“They come in resealable bags and you don’t need to refrigerate them,” said Holmes. “Just throw them in your backpack, purse or pocket. They’re great post-workout, at the office, before school — whenever, really.”

And now they look as great as they taste.  

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