3 Ways to eat more raw food

Whether you are paleo, vegan, or a carnivore---we can all agree that we should be incorporating more raw foods into our diets. But, to be honest, eating completely raw isn't easy. So I've got 3 simple ways to incorporate more raw foods into your day without feeling like a starving rabbit. 

#1    Start your day with a RAW SMOOTHIE. 
  • Go to a local farmer's market, buy a few bags of leafy greens (spinach, kale, or swiss chard) and some of your favorite fruits. Wash/peel the fruits and veggies, divide them into 7 ziplock bags and stick them in the freezer. This preparation makes your work week breakfast easy peasy!   
  • Wake up, dump the contents of a frozen bag into your blender, add some water, blend and VOILA-- done! 
  • ***When adding liquid to your smoothie, make sure it's not a pasteurized fruit juice! The safe bet? Water. You could add coconut milk, coconut water, or almond milk, but most of the commercial brands aren't raw. This means you'd have to make your own...except this post is about EASY so we are gonna stick with water ;).  

#2    Carry a piece of FRUIT for a SNACK. 
  • Fruits are sweet, and for most people (especially those who can't stomach celery sticks) this is a desirable snack! The easiest fruit to throw in your bag are ones with peels! Think apples, bananas, and oranges .

#3   SALAD.
  • I know, I know, no one wants to eat grass-in-a-bowl, but let's be honest--you can't always get what you want. Raw lettuce and veggies are a great way to add more raw food into your diet.  For those of you still complaining---just try to have a "side" salad with your dinner or lunch. Just a cup of lettuce and veggies with lemon juice. As you become a grass-in-a-bowl aficionado, the portion can increase and increase. Eventually you'll be eating grass-in-a-bowl for BREAKFAST, LUNCH, AND DINNER! Wow. Amazing.
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